ObjectDock Tray 2.10


This docklet for ObjectDock shows the icons from the Windows system tray (information area) in a docklet icon. The icons in the docklet have the same functionality like the icons in the windows system tray. It even works if the Windows Taskbar is hidden.
New in this version:
Now there is the feature to cutomize every icon. Simply go to configuration dialog and replace the icons you want to replace. You can find a list containing the actual known icons with their numbers below. You can also put multiple instances of the docklet to your dock and so have full size icons (by activating to only show selcted icons in the tray)
Another way to replace icons is to close ObjectDock (!), browse to %docklets path%\tray\xptheme\ and replace the png files containing the images you want to replace. To restore a default icon simply delete the files.


extract the archive into:
"<ObjectDock Path>\docklets\tray\"
Than right click on a seperator and select
"Add\ObjectDock Tray"

If you want to configure ObjectDock Tray or reload the systray icons, press your left mouse button on the docklet for 2 secounds or click on area without icons (eg. border or space on the bottom).

Known problems

  • If the Trayicons don't appear immediately don't be surprised, it may take a few secounds until the Docklet have load the icons.
  • Sometimes a contextmenu does not close if you click outside it without selecting an menuitem. You may have to click on a separator or on the small border of the menu and then click elsewhere to close it.
  • With ObjectDock Plus the docklet label doesn't change on mouseover.
  • On Vista operating sytem the system icons sound and network won't show up because they aren't tray icons anymore
  • Thanks

    Thanks to David H. Walton, DiGiMac, Paul Dubé and Balthasar Moos for testing 2.00 beta.


    Version 2.10 (30th August 2008)
    *hide icons feature
    *option to hide all icons but a few selected
    *now we have only one checksum per icon
    *adding more than one tray docklet is now possible
    *restore default icon button
    *use unicode
    *a few translations (if you can provide another one email me)

    Version 2.00 (23rd May 2006)
    *double click for some apps fixed
    *windows update icon now work
    *Disconnect from Dial-Up-Connections and deactivate network connections fixed
    *Rightclick on printer icon fixed (doesn't work in ODP ;-))
    *improvements in config dialog
    *a lot of other bugfixes

    Version 2.00 beta (11th May 2006)
    *Support for Icons with alpha channel (32bit XP-Icons)
    *Every icon is replaceable
    *now it is unimportend if you have enabled "hide inactive icons"
    *compleately new iconmanagement code
    *background imgage will now be added to themes
    *new regeon calculation (border space is no more ignored)

    Version 1.21 (Sunday, May 12th, 2004)
    *bugs fixed eg."mulitple Icon" bug fixed

    Version 1.20 (Sunday, May 2nd, 2004)
    *some bugs fixed
    *add config dialog
    *add feature to set background image
    *add option to set space on the border
    *add feture to hide some icons
    *add you can now customize icons and text

    Version 1.10 (Tuesday, April 20th, 2004)
    *The ObjectDock Tray now takes less CPU time
    *When an icon changes, it will now be updated immediately
    *bug fixed: if you clicked on the empty docklet Objectdock died

    Version 1.00 (Friday, April 16th, 2004)
    *ObjectDock Tray was born!